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Vision Continental’s workforce comprises the staffing and recruitment industry’s broadest array of multi-disciplinary personnel. All of our recruiters are global professionals in human resources with extensive industry knowledge in their respective fields. They are also GPHR certified, SPHR certified, or senior professionals in human resources. In addition, none of our consultants receive commissions or any percentage-based compensation. Their focus is on client problem solving and collaboration. This ensures that we always put our clients’ interests first.

Many of our recruiters are multilingual and multicultural having worked or studied in several countries. Consequently, they are well prepared to understand, first-hand, the issues that confront businesses seeking to operate in the global economy. All of our consultants are equipped to employ the most reliable and effective tools and techniques to solve our clients’ problems.

Each of our recruiting departments has its own focus to ensure compatibility with our clients’ business. Not only do we help clients streamline their recruitment outsourcing, but we also help them analyze their business in order to grow and maintain a competitive advantage by hiring and retaining the right candidates.

Vision Continental invests significantly more in employee training and development than any other staffing firm of its kind. As a result, our strong base of knowledge, in a wide variety of industries, positions, and hiring dynamics, allows us to collaborate easily with clients through every stage of the staffing process from recruitment, to hiring, to retention.

As a global company, comprised of individuals from many cultures, ethnic groups, languages, and beliefs, we have a personal appreciation for the value of diversity. We consider it a business imperative and are dedicated to helping our clients build diverse global and local employee capabilities.

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