Australia: 101 Collins Street Tower

101 Collins Street
Victoria 3000

Vision Continental’s vibrant Sydney office has experienced spectacular growth in recent years. As one of Vision Continental’s larger offices, Sydney serves a wide range of clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region, working very closely with our Regional offices.  Our consultants provide their clients with a high level of skill and experience in strategy, corporate development, information technology strategy, and organizational and operational change. The Sydney office also plays host to Vision Continental’s regional practices in e-commerce, financial services, corporate development, and operational effectiveness.

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Key Officials:

  • Operations Manager Brennan   Williams
  • General Manager John Maunder
  • Finance Manager Christopher Michael
  • Information Resources Manager Bernard Chambers
  • Chief information Officer Belton Nokes
  • Mining Project Manager James Prajadhipok
  • Environmental Services Coordinator Frank Alba
  • Director of Petroleum Drilling Aleta Amapola
  • Chief Drilling Operations Baeck,  Jürgen
  • Petroleum Geologist Friedrich Bachschmidt


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Our Services

  • Accounting- Finance
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Administrative -Clerical
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Oil & Gas
  • EMR Health Care Technology
  • Engineering -Manufacturing
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Mining and Resources
  • Nursing -Clinical
  • Staffing Vendor Management
  • Transportation -Logistics


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