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Looking for an exciting and rewarding career? Do you want to find an organization that values and recognizes your contributions? An employer who is dedicated to customer and employee satisfaction and has competitive pay and benefits? A workplace that provides the resources you need to do a great job and offers opportunities for professional growth? If so, then look no farther than Vision Continental, where our goal is to empower you to take the next step to your dream job.

Vision Continental is a casual, friendly, and challenging place to work. Here ingenuity is rewarded and safety is a priority. Our organization has created a culture emphasizing integrity, customer fulfillment, teamwork, and continuous process improvement. We are committed to strong family values and maintaining a “work-life” balance for our team members.

We are always looking for bright, new talent to join our team of experts. Over the past few years, we have experienced unprecedented periods of growth, which has only increased our need for talented and dedicated individuals. If you would like to join our growing team, please submit a resume for consideration along with the job title you would like to be considered for. Send your resume to:

Why Work at Vision Continental?

Vision Continental is a successful and growing company. We have a vision for the future, a strategy in place, and the resources to achieve our goals. Our work is exciting, challenging and rewarding, and exposes you to variety of staff from different departments and countries.

Rewards and Benefits

Vision Continental’s success comes from its people. So, we make sure your efforts are well rewarded. We offer an attractive salary and benefits package, including short and long-term incentives based on your personal performance and that of the company, across the key areas of growth, safety and efficiency. In recognition of the hard work our staff puts in, we also provide flexi-days, gym membership support, and a bike purchase plan, along with many other benefits.

Training and Development

The scope of work that our employees encounter can be varied. We recognize that people need a broad range of skills and knowledge as the company grows larger. Vision Continental actively encourages its staff to be pro-active in developing themselves. We support our people in a number of ways including support for additional studies and professional qualifications, seminars and conferences, and various in-house courses.

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