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Driller Consultant

Vision Continental Energy Resources Services 02/2001 to Present 

Driller Consultant 

Supervised on several different floaters, dynamically positioned and moored, such as the Jack Ryan, Amos Runner, Rowan Midland, Falcon 100, and others in water depths up to 8,000 during drilling and completion operations. Jack-up, and floating drilling rigs for Clients

Supervised on Slotted Mat & Cantilever Jack-Ups, Lift Boats, & Platform Rigs.
Familiar with FMC, Cameron, Vetco and Dril Quip subsea wellhead systems.
Significant exposure to synthetic based drilling fluids.

Supervise blow prevention equipment repairs and maintenance, maintain records of repairs and certificates of conformance  Plan maintenance verify its completion
Supervised setting up Pipe Yard & Office in Qatar, Middle East and Logistics for Drilling multiple wells offshore in Persian Gulf and Williston North Dakota .

Supervised drilling Operations Offshore Qatar, Persian Gulf for    Pennzoil,      Off   Ivory Coast Africa for Ocean Energy. Offshore GOM & Land rigs, from Florida coast to Brownsville, Tx.Significant exposure to synthetic based drilling fluids.Familiar with FMC, Cameron, Vetco and Dril Quip subsea wellhead systems.

Supervised multiple jobs using Coil Tubing units & snubbing units. Performed multiple acid jobs from Work Boat Decks.

P & A of wells and Platform removal. Supervised Drilling wells in South Texas, South Louisiana & Offshore GOM Drilled several difficult wells (loss circulation, differential sticking, (sloughing shales, and ballooning formations)

Oxy 05-1990 to 09-2000


Perform duties of Operations Manager and Toolpusher; supervise drilling and related operations, 20 years’ experience as a driller, and 30 years’ experience in oil field services.

Supervise mud pump operations and maintenance of Hydraulic end, hands on work experience in well site geological works in high pressure oil/gas wells, Well acquainted with well sites, drilling operations in onshore locations.

Continuous hydrocarbon monitoring for reservoir detection and safety. Formation evaluation, pore pressure evaluation, gas show evaluation. Identifying possible drilling hazards.  Identifying formation boundaries and changes, selecting casing points, TD hunt.

Core selection and description of core as per company’s specifications.  Collection of gas and liquid (oil/formation water) samples from well bore during well testing.

 Monitor various Drilling & Mud Parameters. Monitor Trip Tank volume for any Kick warning signs during Tripping. Monitor Well behavior regarding to Kicks and Blowouts.

 Manage appropriate Drilling Documentation for the process of Drilling Oil & Gas Well carry out all Rig Building, Drilling, and Cementing, Production testing and other related jobs.

 Performed well testing job including DST with production personnel. Preparing down hole tools drawing with dimensions. Coordinate with Service Company’s personnel to insure safety in various operations.

    • Experience in Drilling HP / HT & H2S Wells.
    • Insure Safety by taking respective measures.
    • Look after Rig equipment and repair work

Education & Training: 

University of Wyoming

  • Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • BS Petroleum Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • MBA Civil and Environmental Engineering

Certifications & Achievements: 

  • Well Control
  • Successfully completed Subsea Well Control Supervisor Level class.
  • NTT Industrial Hydraulics Course
  • Basic Offshore Water Survival Training
  • H2S Alive Training
  • MMS Marine Trash & Debris
  • Stuck Pipe School, Exxon USA
  • H2S training
  • Directional Drilling and Horizontal drilling school
  • Top Quality Management Training
  • Preston Moore Drilling Operations.
  • GMDC OJT for Crane Operator
  • GMDC OJT for Seaman

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