London England

Europe - London England Europe Regional Headquarter 

St Helens 1 Undershaft, City of London,
EC3P 3DQ, United Kingdom
Phone :441-536880000

The London office of Vision Continental is located in the heart of the city. Over the years, this office has been responsible for helping launch and oversees newly opened office locations in Europe.

Vision Continental  in London’s client base is drawn from a number of industries including, but not limited to,  IT healthcare ,financial services, consumer goods, and health care.

Our London office is home to a various group of consulting staff, representing many nations and cultures with a prestigious academic and commercial backgrounds. Beyond the affluence of their combined experience, they all contribute to common qualities that include outstanding methodical and interpersonal skills. The office staffs are very active within the community   they’re involved in an array of community services   also our consultants goes to extraordinary lengths to promote equally.

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Key Officials:

  • Chief Medical Information Officer George Walters
  • Human Resources Director Ruth Christopher
  • SR HR Generalist Joseph Becker
  • Chief Financial Officer    Virginia Morris
  • Information Resources Director Richard Heins
  • Exploration Geoscientist Eveline Robert



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Our Services

  • Accounting- Finance
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Administrative -Clerical
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Oil & Gas
  • EMR Health Care Technology
  • Engineering -Manufacturing
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Mining and Resources
  • Nursing -Clinical
  • Staffing Vendor Management
  • Transportation -Logistics


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